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Ferrari working to reduce fuel consumption

ESPNF1 Staff
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Teams won't be allowed to refuel during races this season © Sutton Images
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Ferrari is working hard to cut its engine's high fuel consumption ahead of the start of the season.

From the first grand prix in Bahrain cars will not be allowed to refuel during the race, meaning the teams will have to rethink their strategies as well as their designs. It is believed that Ferrari's V8 uses more fuel per lap than its main rivals Mercedes and Renault, and team principal Stefano Domenicali has admitted it is working on the problem.

Engines can only be altered to improve reliability under the current freeze on development, meaning Ferrari cannot retune the engine to improve fuel consumption. Domenicali is not concerned, however, and claimed his team won't be at a disadvantage by the first race on March 14.

"Before Bahrain we will be ready," he told Spanish sports newspaper Marca. "I believe this year consumption will be fundamental. We are working very hard with [fuel supplier] Shell on this. We have relative expectations but we are going in the right direction."

Race strategy will be turned upside down next year under the new regulation. The rule ensuring drivers use both tyre compounds during a race remains in place, meaning cars will have to stop at least once. Ultimately the driver who can maintain a competitive race pace while being easy on his tyres and fuel consumption will be at an advantage.