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Massa focused on own performance

ESPNF1 Staff
March 15, 2012 « Mercedes pioneers new legal F-duct, rivals set to copy | FIA happy with exhaust solutions »
Felipe Massa: "The only thing I can do is to get out of the car 100 percent happy with my performance" © Sutton Images
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Felipe Massa says that he will be focusing on doing the best job possible regardless of how competitive the F2012 is.

Ferrari has struggled during pre-season testing and admits it is on the back foot ahead of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. The root of the issue is the unpredictability of the new car; with the team unsure how competitive it will be at Melbourne.

Massa is under pressure for his seat having not scored a podium finish since the Korean Grand Prix in 2010, and he admits his focus is on maximising his own performance instead of worrying about how good the car may be.

"The only thing I can do is to get out of the car 100 percent happy with my performance," Massa said. "We need to wait and see which car we have and then to give the best performance you can. That's the only thing I'm looking for."

Massa also said that he was excited about the start of the season and hoped the Ferrari proved to be more competitive than it had been during pre-season testing.

"I'm very excited; racing is what we love to do. Testing is very important but the race is really nice, with the competition and qualifying and everything.

"I hope we can see a competitive car, more than we saw in the testing which was not what we expected. Now is the time we are going to see if we have the right answer for the championship. We saw some teams were strong in the test and we expected to be a little bit stronger. Now we're going to stop talking and start racing."