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Alonso slams refuelling ban

ESPNF1 Staff
January 28, 2010 « Ferrari unveils F10 in Maranello | »
Fernando Alonso is not sure racing will improve in 2010 © Getty Images

Fernando Alonso thinks the ban on refuelling will make races more predictable in 2010, as it will be difficult for a driver to win a race if he qualifies outside the top three.

The refuelling ban was introduced to encourage overtaking on the track rather than during pits stops, by eliminating fuel strategy. Alonso thinks overtaking won't be any easier under the new regulations and that anybody qualifying lower than third will struggle to compete for victory.

"If you start among the top two or three that will be fundamental to win the race, otherwise it is almost impossible," he said. "With the old rules you could be fifth or sixth at the start and know you had a chance with the strategy. Now if the strategy is the same and you are fifth or sixth you have very few chances.

"Previously we had to take all of the opportunities to overtake in Formula One, so we know how difficult it is. This year we will have to continue to seize all the opportunities to overtake, and I think that with no refuelling and without knowing anything about the strategy, qualifying will be even more important than it used to be."

However, Alonso is confident Ferrari has developed a competitive car under the new regulations and said he is looking forward to tweaking it to his personal style over the coming tests in Valencia, Jerez and Barcelona.

"I think I'm very calm and very happy with the work done by all the engineers and technicians," Alonso said. "In February it'll be my first time in a Ferrari and there will be things I'll like more and things that will not 100% satisfy me. The tests by Felipe and myself will shape the development of the car one way or the other, but I'm confident for the first race I will be comfortable. This is a team very capable of offering a very good car in a short time frame."