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Alonso - Formula One risks becoming a lottery

ESPN Staff
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Fernando Alonso: 'At the moment from the outside it seems that in every race anyone can win' © Getty Images
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Fernando Alonso has warned Formula One risks losing its credibility, arguing that while six different winners in the first six races of the season may be good for viewers, there is a danger it could make the sport a "lottery".

"It's a fantastic season, it's so unpredictable," he told CNN. "It's good for the audience, it's good for the sport to bring attention to the races. On the other hand we can lose credibility. We cannot lose that the best teams, the best drivers, the best strategies win the races, because at the moment from the outside it seems that in every race anyone can win.

"It doesn't matter the talent, it doesn't matter the team, the performance, it's like a lottery. What you achieve in Formula One is not by chance. We need to make clear that if you win a race, it's because you did something better. And I don't think at the moment that this is clear for everybody."

Alonso, who leads the drivers' championship, said that early-season misgivings about the 2012 Ferrari had given way to cautious optimism although there was an acceptance a lot of hard work remained.

"Even if we are happy now with the position and with the points we achieved, we still know and are honest with ourselves knowing that we are not quick enough at the moment still. There is still plenty of work to do but we think a strong reaction is still to come from Ferrari. We will keep doing upgrades to the car."

I don't know if we will be champions but we will fight until the last race

Asked if he felt he was capable of winning the title, he said that "things are complex and not straightforward and I think it will be quite tight for the championship", adding: "There is not one car dominating the season as we saw in the last couple of years. I think we will be there. I don't know if we will be champions but we will fight until the last race, I am sure."

He also spoke in defence of his under-fire team-mate Felipe Massa. "We know that there has been some coincidences and some bad luck and moments in particular races that he didn't score points he deserved.

"We know that in practice and in qualifying we are much closer, we are fighting, we are together in some of the first corners, but then some factors make him always in some troubles, some incidents, and he lost points.

"But he has the talent, he has full support from our bosses, from me, from everybody in the team and we know the talent from Felipe. We know that before later he will shine."

Ferraris to the fore at the Monaco Grand Prix © Press Association