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Montezemolo 'concerned' for Ferrari

ESPN Staff
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Luca di Montezemolo is wary of the pace shown by the likes of Red Bull and McLaren © Press Association

Luca di Montezemolo says that he is "concerned, more so than the day after Valencia" despite Fernando Alonso's increasing lead in the drivers' championship.

Alonso's victory in Germany last weekend was his third of the season and extended his lead in the standings to 34 points over Mark Webber. Montezemolo, however, said that he was worried by the form shown by other teams, telling the official Ferrari website that he saw four potential threats in future races.

"I am concerned, more so than the day after Valencia," Montezemolo said. "I see very strong opponents: McLaren has made great progress, Red Bull is very strong, Sauber had a race pace that was a match for ours and Lotus is very strong at times. Therefore, we have to be very careful: after we had a difficult start to the season, maybe our rivals did not expect to see Ferrari capable of fighting back this strongly, but now they will redouble their efforts to beat us. Therefore, we must stay very focussed and continue our efforts to improve continuously."

Despite his concerns, Montezemolo praised team principal Stefano Domenicali for the way he had lead the team through a tough start to the season.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Domenicali for his work. When, a few years ago, it was decided to go for a man who had grown from within the company, there were some who turned up their noses at the idea, but today I am pleased to see a true leader of a team that is doing well, which is what I want and which is worthy of the name Ferrari."