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FIA still struggling with telemetry glitch

ESPN Staff
March 23, 2013 « Tyre concerns just a phase - Pirelli | Vettel surprised by advantage »
The drivers will not have flag warning lights in the cockpit for the second race in a row © Getty Images

Ongoing problems with the FIA's telemetry link between race control and the cars means the drivers will have to do without cockpit flag warning lights for the second race in a row.

The issue also affected the race in Melbourne and means the drivers have to be even more alert to trackside flags and lights than usual. The problem also has implications for the drivers' procedures under safety car conditions and the use of DRS.

Usually when red, yellow or blue flags are shown on track, an in-cockpit warning light illuminates to warn the driver but once again those will not work this weekend. Blue flags are waved to warn drivers of a faster car about coming up to lap him and the FIA reiterated "it will be even more important that teams do what they can to ensure their drivers respect blue flags".

The problem will also have an effect on the use of DRS. When a safety car is deployed, yellow flags are shown or wet weather causes poor visibility the DRS is disabled, but due to the telemetry glitch the FIA will not be able to control the use of DRS from race control. In the case of a safety car, the drivers will have to manually select their safety car mode (in order to remain within the delta time imposed) as soon as they see an SC warning board or light.

A test will be carried out after FP3 to give the drivers a chance to get used to the new procedures.