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Horner coy on Mercedes penalty

ESPN Staff
June 21, 2013 « Lotus set for 'biggest step' with upgrades at Silverstone | Tribunal 'a great step for the future of F1' - Brawn »
Christian Horner had previously claimed a Young Driver Test ban for Mercedes would not be a sufficient punishment © Getty Images
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Christian Horner has refused to criticise the penalty handed out to Mercedes by the International Tribunal.

Mercedes was reprimanded and banned from the Young Driver Test in July for a breach of the sporting regulations and International Sporting Code as a result of its tyre test with Pirelli. On Thursday, when asked his thoughts on Mercedes' volunteering a Young Driver Test ban as a potential punishment Horner was dismissive.

"I can't see how much of a sanction being banned from the Young Driver Test would be - they've already done their test with the senior drivers - so being banned from a Young Driver Test probably isn't too much of a sanction."

However, after that punishment was handed out he refused to be drawn on the decision. "It is always preferential to test with race drivers rather than test drivers; however the penalty is not for us to decide," Horner said. "It was for the tribunal to decide and they have made their decision."

Horner did admit that he was pleased with the process at the tribunal and says all teams have clarity on the tyre testing issue now.

"The Tribunal had all the facts presented to them in a fair manner yesterday and made their decision. We raised the protest as we wanted clarity on whether you are allowed to test in-season with a current car, as we believe this was a breach of the regulations. "Yes [we got clarity] - it was decided that Mercedes breached the sporting regulations and the International Sporting Code."