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FIA could consider double points rethink - Todt

ESPN Staff
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Jean Todt sees no problem with the double points rule change © FIA
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FIA president Jean Todt has hinted at a possible rethink of the double-points championship finale at the end of the year, but confirmed teams did not unanimously oppose its implementation during the F1 Strategy Group meeting.

The plan for the Abu Dhabi race on November 23 has been met with an overwhelmingly negative response from fans, as well as current and former drivers and personnel. But despite the outcry it will go ahead for this season at the very least after the six teams in F1's policy-making group failed to unite against the plans, meaning the FIA did not see the need to pursue a change.

Despite this Todt, who is personally in favour of the idea, has acknowledged fan discontent with the plan and has hinted the FIA will reconsider its stance if the idea remains unpopular after this season's finale.

"To reconsider it we need unanimous agreement, and if we do not get unanimous agreement we cannot change it," Todt is quoted as saying by Autosport. "We had the strategy meeting and I said, 'do you want to reconsider?' The answer was no. Do not ask me who said yes or no. So I said, 'okay we will see at the end of the season what is the reaction'.

"Personally I was surprised to get so much emotion for this thing that I do not feel is a huge change in F1. But again we need to listen to that and hopefully we will take that into consideration."