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FIA still aiming for Bahrain decision on May 1

ESPNF1 Staff
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The FIA is planning to stick by its May 1 deadline for a decision on the Bahrain Grand Prix © Sutton Images

The FIA is still planning to make a call this weekend on whether it should reschedule the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix, despite Bernie Ecclestone saying a decision needs more time.

The race was initially scheduled as the season-opener but violent civil unrest in the country meant it was called off. A three-month state of emergency followed with more conflicts between security forces and protestors, during which several Foreign Offices have advised against unnecessary travel to the country. The situation is still understood to be very delicate as martial law continues to govern the streets of Manama.

Ecclestone said on Thursday that a decision on the grand prix, which is supposed to be made on May 1, could be delayed until early June. However, when the Daily Telegraph put that possibility to the FIA, a spokesman said the plans have not changed.

"As far as we are concerned a decision is still due on Sunday," he said. "Because it's a weekend it may be Monday morning that we announce the decision, but we haven't spoken to Mr Ecclestone about any delay. The decision will be a joint one between the FIA, [Ecclestone's] Formula One Management and the Bahrain authorities."

A rescheduled race would have to slot in towards the end of the season with the possibility of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix making way and becoming the season-finale after the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 27.