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15,000rpm, electric power in pits and 8th gear for 2014

ESPNF1 Staff
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F1 cars will run electric power in the pits in 2014 © Sutton Images

The FIA has published a preliminary set of technical regulations for the 2014 season when 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines will replace the current V8s.

Under the 2014 regulations the teams will have to run the cars on electric power in the pit lane using their ERS (Energy Recovery Systems), which will comprise of energy recovery from exhaust heat as well as the KERS in use today. The power capacity of KERS will increase from 60KW to 120KW, supplying a significantly bigger power boost to aid overtaking.

The new regulations also outline the restrictions on the weight, materials and mountings of the new V6 engines which will be limited to 15,000rpm. Fuel flow will be restricted to 100kg/h and the driver must be able to start the engine from inside the cockpit - as opposed to the external starters used by the teams in F1 today. The engineers will also have an eighth gear to play with, up one from the seven used on current F1 cars.

In terms of bodywork, the width of the front wing will be made 150mm narrower than the current ones and there are also several regulation tweaks to tidy up the appearance of the car's bodywork further back.

The 2014 regulations can be viewed in full here.