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Torres exit sparked by sales of Liverpool's top players

ESPN staff
February 4, 2011

Fernando Torres has explained that he began to lose faith in Liverpool Football Club the day the likes of Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano walked out of Anfield, and he pleaded with Reds fans for understanding following his move to Chelsea.

Torres' £50 million departure has seen Liverpool supporters burn shirts adorned by the striker's name, but he insists he will respect those same fans by not celebrating if he scores against his former club on Sunday.

However, Torres is keen for his former followers to understand his decision to leave, and he hinted that one day in the future might see him tell the full story of what went on behind the scenes at Anfield. For now, the player who became the most expensive player in British football merely revealed that Liverpool's ambition failed to match his own as soon as they began to offload players of the calibre of Alonso and Mascherano.

"Things had changed a lot in the last year. I think they (Liverpool) have great ambition and they are doing the right things to get back but it will take time. I didn't have that time," explained Torres.

"I was a Liverpool fan. [But] when some of the players left the club, I couldn't understand. As soon as I knew that Liverpool and Chelsea were talking about [a deal], I told them that the decision was made. I was the first one to go to the manager and tell them.

"Champions League is the main thing. I know the club (Chelsea) has the ambition to win the Champions League, and it is an ambition I have. It is the ambition of this club to win trophies every year. So we are all thinking the same thing.

"I understand they (the Liverpool fans) will be angry, they won't understand my decision. Maybe in a few days, or a few weeks, I will explain my reasons. But I would like to talk about the future. I ask them over time to understand."

Torres did pay tribute to Kenny Dalglish, claiming he is the right man to lead Liverpool back to success, but he dismissed claims the club has been crippled by his own lack of commitment since the World Cup.

"I never lost my ambition. Too many people are talking about that - that's just opinions. I was playing out of form for a month.

"I didn't talk with Kenny when I left the club. I had a good relationship with him for the three weeks he was the coach. As a man, as a legend, he brings the hope back to Liverpool."

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