• German Grand Prix

'We come here to win' - McLaren

ESPN Staff
July 20, 2012 « Vettel impressed by early McLaren pace | Hamilton unsure of size of improvements »
McLaren got to grips with its new updates in FP1 © Getty Images
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McLaren sporting director Sam Michael says the early signs from his team's latest updates are good and he expects to be fighting for victory at this weekend's German Grand Prix.

McLaren have brought a significant upgrade to the rear part of the sidepods of its car as well as a number of mechanical updates under the skin. The drivers only got one session of slick tyre running in the morning, but Michael said the initial indications were in line with the team's expectations.

"We come here to win and we expect to be fighting for pole position here and winning the grand prix," he said. "I think we would come with that approach whether we had that upgrade or not, but this upgrade gives you more incentive.

"What you can never tell in this business is that you don't know what the competition is doing. Formula One is all relative. If we put 0.2s on the car and someone else puts 0.3s then we're still going to go backwards, even if we've made a better car.

"We can't control what other people are doing, but even just knowing where our normal pace is and the things that we know about the issues that we had in Silverstone then we're quite confident of being competitive here."

He said the results of McLaren's tests from FP1 tended to correlate with the data it saw in the wind tunnel and sees no reason why his team can't put itself back in the mix for the championship.

"We're only half way through the season and it's not that far to the guys in front," he added. "If we have a win and they have a DNF it's going to put us right back in the frame. It's part of the development and it's going to be like this all year, going up and down for everybody. It's a result of the grid being very tight and it means there is much more of an emphasis on the development race and much more of an emphasis on getting everything right through the weekend, because the gaps are so small.

"Every time you bring an upgrade to the track, it doesn't matter how big or small it is, you look for correlation to the tunnel to make sure it works properly and so far the signs are good from today."