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'I don't plan on running at the back' - Ricciardo

ESPNF1 Staff
July 9, 2011 « 'I don't plan on running at the back' - Ricciardo | »
Daniel Ricciardo will make his race debut with HRT on Sunday © Sutton Images
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Daniel Ricciardo is targeting a finish at his debut race at the British Grand Prix, but is also keen to take part in some competitive racing with HRT's closest rivals.

Red Bull has put Ricciardo in a race seat at HRT this weekend after the Australian impressed at Toro Rosso on Fridays this weekend. He said his primary objective was to finish the race, but would be keen to take the fight to some of the other backmarkers if possible.

"My main objective is to finish this weekend," he told reporters. "Of course I'll push and try to get as much out of the car as I can. I think the finish is my main objective, but if I can be a few more places up the grid then of course I'll go for it. I don't plan on running at the back and having my own race, it would nice to be involved in a good race and that's my objective."

On Friday he was quicker than team-mate Tonio Liuzzi in second practice, albeit in wet conditions when the times were fairly meaningless.

Asked if he was holding Liuzzi as his benchmark, Ricciardo said: "You always have your team-mate to compare with in all teams. I guess for all drivers the first guy is your team-mate. For me to learn from him as well is good, he's quite experienced and has spent more time in the team than I have. So to speak to him and try to understand how they've developed from the start of the year and which direction the car is going in - it's quite good for me to learn from him."

He said he had not been set the target of beating Liuzzi by his paymasters at Red Bull.

"There are no set points [I have to achieve], but it wouldn't hurt," he said. "I'll drive as fast as I can and where I end up I guess will determine the future. The plan is to be around and racing in Formula One for many years to come. I guess for that I have to be fast and have to prove myself, hopefully I can do this in some way."