• British Grand Prix

Ricciardo happy with his first taste of F1

ESPNF1 Staff
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Daniel Ricciardo in the HRT on his Formula One debut © Sutton Images
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Daniel Ricciardo achieved his main goal at the start of the weekend and went the distance at the British Grand Prix on his Formula One debut.

Few expected anything dramatic given he was driving an HRT, and the once Lotus's, the only cars he was likely to have any chance battling, retired, he admitted: " I was doing my own race and it got a little bit boring at times." Nevertheless, he was content with being the last of the 19 finishers.

"I feel quite good to finish and see the chequered flag," he said. "It was nice to get the laps, which I think was the most important thing for me today for experience. Understanding the tyres, the pit stops and the strategy, it's really very complex and something I've never really done before, so in this respect I think it was a step forward.

"I was quite a bit off the other competitors but I think that, as I learn, I will get a bit closer. I also need to try and manage the blue flags a bit better, it's not easy. At the end, looking at it now, I'm quite pleased with the result.

"Wednesday was a big introduction to Formula One, meeting the team and making the seat, it was never going to be easy or perfect but to finish the race is a good result for us.

"My expectations for the next race are to learn and move forward, to be a bit closer to Tonio in qualifying and to try and close the gap in the race, I think that is a good target for now."