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Silverstone looks to improve problem areas

ESPN Staff
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Access roads were jammed with traffic on Friday © Getty Images

Silverstone is hoping to find new investment to help it fund improvements and avoid a repeat of the travel problems it experienced over the 2012 British Grand Prix weekend.

Waterlogged campsites and car parks resulted in campers being turned away on Friday and then fans being advised not to attend on Saturday in order to allow a full-house on Sunday. Silverstone's managing director said the Saturday plan worked, with an estimated 10,000 staying away and in doing so preserving the grass car parks for Sunday.

But Phillips said the circuit would look at ways to avoid the kind of problems experienced on Friday in the future.

"There is plenty to reflect on," he was quoted by Autosport. "The biggest challenge is to sort out the campsites properly and have spare capacity. It works fine when the weather is great, but when the weather is not and people come in caravans and camper vans, which don't sit particularly well on grass, then all the campsites close up shop. It is not their fault, but that just means there are thousands of campers out there who are just drifting around. We have got to avoid doing that again, and that is one of the biggest lessons

"We have to put more roadways in, and do what we can to preserve car parking. I think park and ride has been a massive success, as we knew we had to go more in that direction and people now probably think it is a good idea. There are lessons to be learned and maybe some good will come out of it as well."

He said finding the appropriate investor would enable the circuit to put in place better infrastructure.

"The interest is there, these are very expensive places to run and having someone come in with some extra cash would be fantastic," Phillips said. "It would enable us to do better things. We were in exclusivity with one particular party and that didn't work out, but the other people who were there prior to that are still there."