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FIA pleased with Indian GP progress

ESPNF1 Staff
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The circuit layout, which should be brought to life by June 30 © JPSK Sports Ltd
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The FIA's Charlie Whiting has completed an inspection of the Indian Grand Prix venue and is reportedly pleased with its progress.

The base layer of the track and run off areas is down with the first layer of tarmac expected to be laid in March. The inaugural race will take place on October 30 and organisers JPSI are expecting work to be completed ahead of schedule.

Managing director of JPSI, Sameer Gaur, said Whiting had felt positive about the circuit's development.

"The progress since Charlie's last visit has been fairly rapid and all of us including Mr. Whiting are very pleased with the way things stand at the moment and we are looking forward to the first Indian GP," he said. "The JPSIL F1 track will be complete ahead of schedule!"

The FIA's final inspection is expected to take place at the end of June, four months ahead of the inaugural race, but Whiting will monitor the circuit's progress closely in the coming months.