• Young Driver Test - Day 2

Impossible to judge me - Valsecchi

ESPN Staff
July 18, 2013 « McLaren tests 2014 parts at Silverstone | Sauber needed investment - Hulkenberg »
Davide Valsecchi was fourth quickest on day two at Silverstone, completing 91 laps © Sutton Images

Davide Valsecchi says it was impossible to judge his performance during the Young Driver Test without a team-mate presence for reference.

The Lotus test driver carried out a full day's running for the first time in his role having last done so at the Abu Dhabi Young Driver Test before joining the team. However, despite saying he felt good inside the car, Valsecchi said the lack of comparison to one of the race drivers meant he didn't know if he had done a good enough job.

"I cannot understand even if I was competitive or not," Valsecchi said. "What I felt was that I had a great feeling on the long run and on the race simulation and usually my feeling is never wrong. But on real performance it's not easy to judge. We were not in the qualifying configuration and there was not beside me Kimi Raikkonen to give us a reference. So it's not easy to judge in this condition."

Having ended the day fourth quickest, Valsecchi admitted his hope was to earn a race seat for 2014 but said his limited running since winning last year's GP2 championship means he can't fully tell how deserving of a drive he is.

"I'm ready whenever they call me and I try to do my maximum being professional. [Next year the aim is] to become a racing driver but Formula One is so tough and it's so difficult to be involved. There are so many great drivers in it; we have Kimi Raikkonen - one of the best if not the best in the world at the moment - and Romain Grosjean who just came from a fantastic result and race in the Nurburgring so it will not be easy for me. I will do my maximum until the end of the season and then we will see; I need a bit of luck, to be good and to deserve it first of all.

"I have to be strong and I have to deserve it. It's not easy to understand if I really deserve it 100%. How can I tell you today I deserve it at all? F*** off; we don't have Raikkonen, we don't have no-one, how can we understand it? In my mind I deserved it more at the end of last season when I was GP2 champion, when I was conserving the tyres really well and when I was really a leader in my mind at that time. Now I just try to do my maximum and then we check it out at the end of the season if my maximum is enough or not. Today I did what I can do, later on you will ask my bosses and you will have the answer; I hope it's positive!"