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Lotus to drop double-DRS 'device' until Abu Dhabi test

ESPN Staff
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The Lotus 'device' was tested at Suzuka but not raced © Sutton Images

Lotus will not test its double-DRS 'device' until the Young Driver Test in Abu Dhabi after problems with the development.

Having run it in practice at both the German and Hungarian grands prix it was expected that the device would be raced at Spa. However, wet weather scuppered any Friday track time and prevented Lotus from analysing it, and then it was left off the car in both Monza and Singapore due to circuit characteristics.

Tested again at Suzuka, Lotus hit more trouble with the device and decided not to run it in the race, with technical director James Allison now revealing that it needs more work.

"We haven't had the happiest of introductions with the system," Allison said. "It's been harder than I anticipated to make it switch effectively with only the limited opportunity afforded in Free Practice. We're going to take it away, have another think and most likely give it another go in the Abu Dhabi young drivers' test where we'll have more time to develop it in a systematic fashion."

It's not necessarily the end for the innovation, however, as it is currently legal under the 2013 regulations. Allison also said that Lotus had been able to get some Singapore upgrades working properly in Suzuka and therefore there's a chance that the device could be producing a "false negative" on track so far.

"It was quite pleasing that we were able to resurrect the upgrades that left Singapore under something of a cloud. It's annoying when something that the tunnel says will be good does not work straight away, but it is very easy at the track to end up with a false negative - as we did in Singapore. The problem is that the track is a very uncontrolled testing environment. It's always a relief when you find out at the second attempt that the factory modelling was correct after all."