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I have a point to prove - Grosjean

ESPN Staff
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Romain Grosjean will enter his second season with Lotus © Press Association
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Romain Grosjean says he has a point to prove in his second full Formula One season with Lotus this year.

Though undoubtedly fast, Grosjean made a number of mistakes during 2012 and was regularly involved in incidents during the opening laps of a race. His future appeared to be uncertain as Lotus waited until mid-December to confirm him for 2013 and Grosjean admits he will still be under scrutiny during this season.

"I think everyone is waiting to see if I'm able to be consistent, which is where I was lacking a little bit last year," Grosjean said. "I know it and I'll do everything I can to prove to people that I'm able to achieve this goal."

With his first full season under his belt, Grosjean believes he will be in a much better position this year purely based on the extra experience.

"You start your career in Formula 1 thinking 'Okay, that's a new challenge, a tough challenge' but then you work into the season and you think 'Whoa! This challenge is even bigger than I thought!' All the elements of a Formula 1 season including the travelling - energy-wise, managing the jet lag - the media and marketing stuff, the physical demands and preparation for driving the car are quite something. I know what I need much better now and that's what I've learnt from last year."