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McLaren backs KERS return

ESPNF1 Staff
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McLaren has backed a return to the KERS system © Getty Images

McLaren has joined Ferrari, Renault and Williams in the push to bring KERS back into Formula One although it fears time may be running out for its introduction in 2011.

Tim Goss, chief engineer for this year's car, says the Woking based team want to see the system return but a decision is needed sooner rather than later.

"We fully support what FOTA and the FIA are trying to do in terms of KERS," Goss told reporters on Wednesday. "Clearly to introduce it for next season, it's starting to get a little bit late in the day. But there are lots of people working on this.

"We understand the need for KERS for the association with road car technology, and we think it's the right thing to bring it back. Really we'll just go along with whatever FOTA and the FIA decide."

After the lessons learned in developing KERS in 2009, Goss says the new system can be more powerful whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

"We've learned an awful lot since we were designing the system for 2011," he added. "It's realistic to keep the costs down and put the power up. But probably the knock-on effect of that is that it's going to be a little bit bigger and a little bit heavier.

"A lot of the improvements we made to our KERS last year were in the ability to downsize it and make it easier to package in the car and get the weight distribution correct. It's possible."

Jean Todt also said the FIA is pushing for the energy-recovery technology to be reintroduced in Formula One next year.