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Magnussen: 2015 seat 'make-or-break'

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Kevin Magnussen does not believe he will deserve to continue in Formula One if he gets dropped by McLaren at the end of his "make-or-break" rookie season.

Magnussen has failed to return to the podium since his debut outing in Melbourne with McLaren struggling to compete at the top of the order. Both Magnussen and team-mate Jenson Button are being made to sweat on their futures as McLaren weighs up the "best options available", with Fernando Alonso reportedly a target for the Woking outfit.

"The way I see it is I've always known that if I don't deliver this year then that's it," Magnussen told Crash. "I've got one chance and I think I'm doing OK. It does put pressure on you because when the press starts talking about it, it makes many people talk about it and you can feel a bit of negative energy coming from that.

"But you have to deal with it and it's not a massive problem because I knew when I pushed to get this seat that if I go for this seat it's my one opportunity and it's going to be make-or-break. I knew what I was going in to and I think I'm doing OK."

Though other seats would possibly be available if Magnussen was dropped, the Dane does not believe he would have warranted a second chance in those circumstances.

"With this opportunity that I have with McLaren, the way I look at it is if I can't succeed straightaway with McLaren now and be good enough for them then I won't ever be good enough. So there's no reason for me to go for a smaller team and work my way up because if I can't do it straight away then I'll never be world champion. I'm not here for anything other than world championships. I don't want to be here driving around and finishing races and scoring points.

"I only want to win and if I can't do that - if I can't see that I have a future with wins and championships - then I'm not up for Formula One, I'll do something else where I can win. I believe I can win, I've proved to myself that I know I can do this. It was a big change but at least I'm convinced, so I need to just keep doing hard work and show that I'm doing everything I can in every race."

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