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Lowe dismisses engine threats

ESPNF1 Staff
July 6, 2011 « Ecclestone waits to learn his fate | »
The current V8s will be replaced by a V6 turbo © Sutton Images
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McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe says the circuits have made an "ironic" threat to run IndyCars in response to the new engine regulations.

Australian Grand Prix promoter Ron Walker has been vocal alongside his friend Bernie Ecclestone in opposing the new V6s being introduced in 2014, saying that the 3,000rpm drop will mean it will result in a poorer sound and cause a decline in ticket sales. As a result Walker said that the circuits would be willing to run IndyCars instead of Formula One, but Lowe told ESPNF1 that he was happy with the new regulations and that the proposed alternative from the circuit owners didn't seem to make sense.

"I think it sounds like a great formula," Lowe said. "I think the high-speed V6 turbo sounds exciting, it's a unique engine package actually, I don't think there's ever been that particular formula or that solution seen in motor racing. So it will be a completely new format and I think when you combine it with all the engine efficiency aspects and new technology aspects that support achieving those engine efficiencies it's a great technical challenge and I think it's going to work really well.

"I think the teams will generally want to keep the revs as high as makes sense (since confirmed at 15,000rpm). It's a new one; I have seen various threats about running IndyCars instead which seems somewhat ironic because I don't think the IndyCar engine is particularly loud or particularly high-revving, I think it's a 12,000rpm engine. So I think it's a slightly odd threat, but we have to respect the circuit owners. I think we've all got the same motivations as they have, so we need to work together but we're working to the same agenda - I would hope - so there shouldn't be room for conflict on that."