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Alonso would be an 'exciting' team-mate - Button

ESPNF1 Staff
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Jenson Button would like to go up against Fernando Alonso as team-mates © Getty Images

Jenson Button would like Fernando Alonso to be his team-mate if it had to be someone other than Lewis Hamilton.

Button moved to McLaren ahead of the 2010 season and admitted that one of the reasons was to test himself against Lewis Hamilton in the same team. Having become the first team-mate to beat Hamilton across a season in Formula One last year, Button said that it's still a tough challenge for him and he believes Alonso would be a similar proposition.

"Lewis is extremely quick, we see that all the time, and it's really exciting having a team-mate like that," Button is quoted by the Press Association. "It's tough on some days, but other days it's great, and it's a real challenge, which I like.

"But if Lewis wasn't in Formula One, for example, I personally feel it would be exciting having Fernando as a team-mate. Fernando is extremely talented, he is a double world champion, he is fast. Is he the fastest in the sport? Probably not, and he would probably say the same, but he is very intelligent."

Button added that he feels there are similarities between himself and Alonso and that he'd see him as an "exciting" team-mate.

"In some ways we're similar, in other ways we are definitely not. One of the ways in which we are is in terms of wanting a team of people around us. We need that support to really achieve. So yeah, he'd be exciting to work with and to be an enemy, which I'm sure he would be."