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Hamilton vows to remain consistent

ESPN Staff
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Lewis Hamilton: "I'm definitely not going to change my approach" © Sutton Images
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Lewis Hamilton will continue to focus on consistent points scoring this year following on from his first victory of the season in Canada.

Hamilton has scored at every round this year and now leads the championship by two points from Fernando Alonso. With seven winners from the first seven races he said his focus has not changed this year and he still intends to play the percentages at the upcoming rounds.

"I'm definitely not going to change my approach, but I think it's working reasonably well so far," he said. "I probably definitely had to be more on the limit today to catch the two guys ahead, perhaps a little bit more risky than in the past but it is about consistency this year. I think it will be about consistency. It's unbelievable to see just how close it is. We got a win and 25 points and I only have a two point lead, so it's incredible how close it is and I think it will stay that close throughout the year. Again, it just highlights how important consistency is."

Hamilton said there are still enough unknowns about the tyres this year for the title race to remain mixed for the remainder of the season.

"I think this mix-up is normal, this is what is going to be normal for the season," he added. "It's just my feeling, but then again my guess is as a good as yours. I think it will continue to be like this throughout the year. We're still trying to fully understand these tyres. Sometimes you're overheating them, sometimes you're not heating them up enough. We don't understand why sometimes a Lotus is quicker than us, or a Mercedes is quicker than us and then we're quicker than them another time.

"But I think it's great for Formula One, it's great for the fans to see. I'm guessing there was a lot of overtaking today and a real mix-up and as I said, seven different winners in seven races - I can't remember hearing of anything like that."