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Button finally happy in McLaren MP4-25

ESPNF1 Staff
February 11, 2010 « New Silverstone layout given green light | »
Jenson Button is more comfortable with the MP4-25 after two days of testing in Jerez © Sutton Images
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Jenson Button said that the second day of testing at Jerez was the first time he had really felt comfortable in the new McLaren.

Last week Button said he was "frustrated" by his first day of testing in Valencia, as he hadn't been able to get his seating position right. But after two days in Jerez, where he set the third fastest time of the week so far, he said he was finally comfortable with the MP4-25 and was making progress.

"For me, today was a better day because we could get out in the dry," Button said. "It is the first real time that I have felt good in the car, good enough within the car to actually do set-up work and find a balance with the car. And also work with different components that I prefer. So today was a positive day. There is still a lot of work to do with the car. But the basic car itself is a good baseline. But I also know that there is a long way to go before we will have a car that is capable of winning races. But that is the same for everyone. This is just testing and we have a long way to go."

Button completed 83 laps on Thursday, considerably less than some of his competitors, but said there were no problems with the car's reliability and he was happy with the work he completed.

"It is not about just going out and putting in as many laps as possible," he said. "We know that our car is reliable, and that is important. Normally that is why you do so much mileage. But when you are testing different things, you don't necessarily need big mileage. So we were doing a lot of back-to-backs and set-up work. For me that is more important than putting big distances on the tyres. So I am very happy with the way the program was today."

Lewis Hamilton will take over testing duties for McLaren on Friday and Saturday.