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Mercedes will get Young Driver Test data from Pirelli

ESPN Staff
July 17, 2013 « Rigon to drive Ferrari on all three days at Silverstone | Young Driver Test Live »
Mercedes won't be present at the Young Driver Test this week © Sutton Images
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Mercedes will receive the tyre data supplied by Pirelli to the teams at this week's Young Driver Test despite being banned from participating.

The three-day test allows race drivers to take part this year as long as they are carrying out tyre testing for Pirelli, which will revise its tyres from the Hungarian Grand Prix onwards. However, Mercedes is not taking part in the test as punishment for its part in carrying out a three-day tyre test with Pirelli using its 2013 car in Barcelona earlier this year.

Asked if Mercedes would be included in the debrief following the test, Paul Hembery said the team would not be left completely in the dark.

"We will give all the teams all of the same feedback and give them all of the same data, so they will have the information."

However, Hembery added Mercedes would definitely be losing out by not getting to test the tyres at Silverstone.

"The teams will have a very clear tyre test programme; they have to run what we tell them to run. They'll be running the 2012 structure with the medium and the hard compounds, plus a prototype hard compound. Mercedes I guess do have a lot of data from the tyre from last year in terms of the way it'll affect aero from the set-up. I think they would have benefitted obviously from being able to run but they're not going to be able to."