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Greener engines need to be geared to smaller teams - Haug

ESPNF1 Staff
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Mercedes men: Michael Schumacher shares a joke with Norbert Haug in the Albert Park Paddock © Getty Images
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Formula One's next generation of engine regulations need to be geared towards protecting the smaller teams rather than boosting the major players, according to Mercedes boss Norbert Haug.

"I think now we have the best teams, and it is good to have a variety of cars in the field, but we need to support the independent manufacturers to make sure that we have a bottom-up plan, rather than a top-down plan," Haug told Autosport. "We need the independent manufacturers and we need to have Ferrari. We need to find a good solution and still, Formula 1 needs to be technically driven.

"I'm very positive about the process and we can achieve it together. It has been possible in the past and there is a good constructive atmosphere between Jean Todt and the teams." He added that the future was likely to be about smaller, more environmentally-friendly engines.

"We can discuss green initiatives, but Formula 1 needs to be technically driven," he said. "We need to be mindful that we are building the cleanest cars we can. The engine will be downsized in 2013 because the fuel consumption has to go down, and we need to cut carbon emissions. But we must not think that a 700bhp engine is going to be the greenest car ever, because that's not great."