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Mercedes sponsorship deal with Henkel in dispute

ESPNF1 Staff
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Henkel claimed it informed the team (then Brawn) last September that the deal was invalid © Sutton Images

Mercedes could be left with a $90 million hole in its sponsorship roster after German consumer goods company Henkel denied it had a contract with the team.

It is understood that the Brawn team believed it had a deal with the company earlier this year. However, Henkel now claims that the contract was put together by an ex-member of staff who was acting without the company's authorisation. It insists it had nothing to do with the deal and informed the team back in September that the agreement was invalid. It added that Mercedes should have been more thorough in checking the validity of the deal. Henkel filed a law suit over the issue in November.

Henkel produces a range of products for both consumers and industry, ranging from cosmetics to electronics. It has big brand names such as Persil detergent and Loctite adhesives among its products.