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Rosberg comfortable with late start

ESPNF1 Staff
January 3, 2012 « Lowe pleased with DRS effect | Di Resta yearns to race Vettel »
Nico Rosberg is happy that two tests is enough time to prepare the new car for the 2012 season © Getty Images
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Nico Rosberg is comfortable with Mercedes' decision to delay running its new car until the second pre-season test.

Ross Brawn announced in early December that Mercedes would not run its new car until the Barcelona test on February 21 in order to maximise development time. With one pre-season test moved until after the first round of flyaway races that leaves the team with just eight days to run the W03, but Rosberg says he is not concerned.

"It is just the choice that they have made and I am happy with that," Rosberg told Autosport. "It is the compromise between testing early enough and having enough time to develop. And they need to find a middle way - and they have decided that that is the best way to do it."

Mercedes has boosted its technical staff with the appointment of both Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis, and Rosberg said that would help the team get the new car running smoothly as quickly as possible.

"With the way the factory is going now, I am confident. This year we would not have managed to do the first race if we had run the car that late, but with the way the factory is now optimised, I am confident that we can quite happily make it happen and the car can race very soon after the first test - with just a few bits and pieces that need to be sorted out. That shows already that the team is a big improvement."

However, speaking to the Kolner Express Rosberg sounded a word of caution, saying that more patience would be required before Mercedes is able to win races.

"I need to be patient. I will not get frustrated as our sport is unique. You are so dependant on the equipment that is available to you, which means that the majority do not win and someone thinks he's the best, even if this is often not the case. But I'm happy where I am and I want to lead Mercedes to wins and championships."