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Brawn confident new exhausts will bring performance

ESPN Staff
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Ross Brawn: "It takes a few races to understand it and get everything working" © Sutton Images

Team boss Ross Brawn is confident Mercedes will start to reap the rewards of its new exhaust system over the next two races.

The team introduced a new 'Coanda' exhaust at the Young Driver Test in Magny-Cours and raced the new layout for the first time in Singapore. The exhaust is similar to those on other leading cars - using the Coanda effect of airflow being attracted to nearby surfaces - and is designed to use exhaust gases to boost rear downforce.

Brawn said Singapore had been a learning process, but that he was confident the exhaust would produce results soon.

"It's quite difficult. At the Young Driver Test we were able to do a clean back-to-back which was quite helpful. Here in Singapore is our first time using them in anger and it took a little time [on Friday] to sort them out. We were not in the best of shape but the guys did a good job to change the set-up and use the strengths of the upgrade. We do know from observing other people who have made the transition to a Coanda exhaust that it takes a few races to understand it and get everything working. But it looks pretty positive, so we're reasonably happy.

"There are still other things coming and we've already got some upgrades to it because you start to understand the influence of the local geometry on the system. Obviously the way the exhaust exits that channel and all of that side of things are developing quite quickly. We will be in better shape at the next race and better shape again at the race after that. Both the drivers need experience of how to use the system and we need to get the most out of it."

Brawn said Mercedes was happy to learn during the races this season as the knowledge and data would then be applied to next year's car.

"It was one of the factors for sure. We decided that we had to get stuck into it before the end of the year because we didn't want to be learning about it over the winter. I think this is reasonable timing so yes it was a consideration."