• Radio Ga Ga - Monaco Grand Prix

'I can't see out of my left eye'

Nate Saunders May 27, 2014

On a weekend where Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel proved that even world champions can lose their cool behind the wheel, ESPN rounds up the best radio soundbites from the Monaco Grand Prix

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"You need to sort this problem out, you need to sort this problem out."
Sebastian Vettel's mood starts to take a turn for the worst at the beginning of the race as his spluttering Red Bull gives him the first indication things aren't 100%.

"I've got no boost, no turbo. Come on guys! I mean, I'm sure you're trying everything..."
Vettel tries encouragement in an attempt to get his pit wall to work its magic on his failing Renault engine.

"Got nothing, really slow"
"We need to retire."
"[sighs] Okay."

Daniil Kvyat fails to hide his disappointment after seeing his debut at the Monaco GP come to an end after just 10 laps.

"That is not acceptable!"
Kamui Kobayashi seethes as Kimi Raikkonen, battling through the field after his race-destroying puncture, forces him across the chicane.

"Kamui, take care not to cut the chicane."
But Caterham are hardly sympathetic to Kobayashi's cause, politely reminding him it's his job to stay on track.

"The rear just snapped…I wasn't even pushing."
We dread to think what could have happened if he was. Adrian Sutil is at a loss to explain what caused his early crash at Nouvelle Chicane.

"We're here to go racing, not to go waiting!"
Martin Brundle again makes it on to this list as he fumes that the race is delayed behind the safety car as the backmarkers are allowed to unlap themselves.

"I can't believe we just had to pit. I knew I should've….We should have pitted on that lap… - but I also knew you wouldn't call me in guys."
The conspiracy theories continue to churn in Lewis Hamilton's head after Mercedes pitted him on the same lap as Nico Rosberg rather than reacting immediately to Adrian Sutil's crash.

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"Are you ok? Just get back to us Lewis."
"I can't see out of my left eye. I've got some dirt or something in my eye."

Perhaps the only time you will ever hear this excuse in an F1 car. Hamilton explains why his charge to Nico Rosberg suddenly dropped off in the final portion of the race.

"I don't care about Ricciardo, I want to know about the gap between me and Nico."
Hamilton gets tunnel vision about what his priorities should be with Daniel Ricciardo closing down on him. He would care about the Australian soon enough.

"Wahoo, thank you everyone! This car is really amazing."
Seemingly oblivious to the ailment that has befallen his team-mate, Rosberg thanks Mercedes for helping him deliver his second consecutive victory in Monte Carlo.