• Monaco Grand Prix

'I got on the power too early' - Kubica

ESPNF1 Staff
May 16, 2010
Robert Kubica reflects on his third-place finish © Sutton Images

Robert Kubica was left lamenting a poor start after finishing third in Monaco. Starting second behind Mark Webber, he was overtaken by Sebastian Vettel in the first few yards and was never able to mount a serious challenge to the Red Bulls.

"It was known that starting from the dirty side would be difficult for me," Kubica admitted. "Normally I would defend but I saw Mark did a slow pull-away so I thought I had a chance to overtake him. I just got on the power too early and got wheelspin, so it was too late to close the door on Vettel and then had to defend from Felipe [Massa].

"I was able to keep up pace with Seb. I think we were slightly quicker than them. Then with 30 laps to go, I had a big flat spot and big vibration and was really scared I might need to pit again and change tyres. I had huge vibrations, so I was looking quite a lot on the tyres.

"I thought the vibration might be quite dangerous for exploding the tyres. When I saw I was able to keep up pace and control the gap to Felipe there was no real chance. I was never really close and in Monaco it is nearly impossible to overtake."

"I couldn't see the pit board and was surprised about pace. Third place we have to be positive about. No was expecting us to finish on the podium."