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FIA will make right decision on Monaco DRS - Liuzzi

ESPNF1 Staff
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Drivers are against using the DRS in the Monaco tunnel © Getty Images
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Tonio Liuzzi trusts the FIA will come to a sensible solution on where to place the Drag Reduction Zone for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix.

There have been suggestions that the overtaking aid should be ditched for the tight and twisting street circuit, with Rubens Barrichello saying the idea of using it at Monaco is "just wrong". On paper the most obvious section of track to accommodate the DRS would be the sweeping right hander through the tunnel, but Liuzzi warned that it would also be the most dangerous.

"Our main question mark was for the race, in case we were allowed to use it in the tunnel as that's more dangerous if you crash," he told ESPNF1. "I just hope that it is used sensibly and they put it in a good position to use in the race."

Asked where he would like to see it, Liuzzi replied: "Maybe on the main start/finish straight or the straight going up to Casino Square or maybe after the kink near the exit of the tunnel, although then it will not be worth using it. It's a difficult choice but I'm sure the FIA will make the right decision."

The DRS has been criticised by some F1 observers for making overtaking too easy, but Liuzzi believes people would complain no matter what.

"For sure it is making racing more artificial because the difference [in speed] is huge once you use it and overtakes are much easier," he said. "But the problem is that when there was not much overtaking people complained too. I think the kind of racing we see now is much more exciting compared to the previous years because there is much more overtaking and I think that is a good thing for Formula One."