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Red Bull claims new pit stop record

ESPN Staff
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Red Bull made a 2.05s pit stop in Malaysia © Sutton Images
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Red Bull claims to have made the fastest pit stop ever after changing all four tyres on Mark Webber's car in 2.05s at the Malaysian Grand Prix,.

Ever since the ban on refuelling teams have worked tirelessly to reduce their pit stop times to gain a competitive advantage in races. The previous record was held by McLaren with a 2.31s pit stop on Jenson Button's car at the German Grand Prix, but Red Bull claims to have broken that record five times in Malaysia.

"We went under that in Malaysia with Seb [Vettel]'s first stop being 2.13s," read a story on the team's website. "Mark's first stop, two laps later, was also 2.13s. The crew then lowered the new benchmark to 2.05s when Mark came in again, and his two subsequent stops were 2.21s and 2.26s."

Red Bull said the times had recorded from the car's datalog, which it claims is more accurate that the TV pit stop timings broadcast on the world feed.