• Young Driver Test - Day 3

Red Bull run 'like winning the lottery' - Sainz

ESPN Staff
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Carlos Sainz Jr ended the final day of the Young Driver Test fourth quickest © Sutton Images
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Carlos Sainz Jr says driving for Red Bull during the Young Driver Test "was like winning the lottery".

The GP3 driver was called up to spend half a day in the Toro Rosso on Thursday before driving for Red Bull on Friday morning at Silverstone. Having been able to compare the cars over two days - his first Formula One test - Sainz said they were two very different experiences which culminate in similar performance and that he'd been delighted to get the chance to drive both cars.

"Obviously there are some differences - it's a different engine, different gearbox, different chassis, different team, and different engineers - for sure everything is a bit different but at the end it's a Formula One car; the lap times are very similar and the speeds are very similar. So for me it was great to get a run in the Toro Rosso - I really enjoyed it - and then today to get to run with the Red Bull guys was like winning the lottery."

Focusing on his Red Bull run, Sainz said he was so keen to impress the team and do as it wanted that he didn't look at the times he had set until after completing the last of his 35 laps.

"Today the only focus for me was not in terms of lap time. Today I was a test driver; this is a test in the middle of the season which for sure for Red Bull is very important. I didn't look at the lap times in the whole morning because I was more concentrated in trying to help the team as much as I could to develop the car. Maybe my feedback was good, maybe not, it's up to them they will decide! At least I gave my best to try to help them as much as I could."