Paul Hembery says all the teams have been invited to observe the test © Sutton Images

Red Bull will carry out a tyre test for Pirelli at the Circuit de Catalunya next week, Paul Hembery confirmed to ESPN.

The test will focus on the 2014 tyres, but Red Bull will be running a 2011 car at Barcelona with Sebastien Buemi likely to be behind the wheel during the two-day test. Following the issue over the Mercedes tyre test earlier this year, Hembery said the FIA had given the test its full approval in advance.

"It's a 2011 car, next year's tyres, I'm not sure about the driver - that's probably going to be Buemi," Hembery told ESPN exclusively. "It's 1000km as we did with Mercedes and Ferrari. We've got full FIA approval, all the other teams were invited and maybe there's another team that we're looking to organise another 1000km with that's offered their availability.

"This time, hopefully, we won't be ending up in Paris! So we've had good collaboration from the FIA and I think this time it's all been OK."

Hembery added that the test could be extended if it is hit by bad weather.

"Two days - possibly three dependent on the weather of course - but two days is what we normally do."