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Horner frustrated by slow response to Webber fire

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner said he was left frustrated by the slow response from marshals to Mark Webber's burning car at the Korean Grand Prix.

Webber parked his car in the run-off area at Turn 3 after oil leaked onto the exhaust and caught fire following a collision with Adrian Sutil. He attempted to put the fire out with the car's in-built fire extinguisher but the flames soon engulfed the rear of the RB9 completely.

Marshals appeared to be slow in responding before a fire truck was released from the pits while the circuit was still under racing conditions. Red Bull may have to replace the chassis for the next round in Japan this weekend and Horner said it had been frustrating watching the slow response of the marshals with fire extinguishers.

"From a safety point of view I was not really worried because Mark got out of the car uninjured, which is the main thing," he said. "It's just frustrating to see the car there becoming a bigger and bigger inferno in what seemed to take an age to get some fire extinguishers to it, but thankfully they got to it in the end.

"We need to get the car back and see what the damage is. Obviously we carry a spare chassis and all the spare components that go with it, but first of all we need to see what the damage is and whether the car is badly wounded or whether it's repairable."

Horner admitted he was not too concerned by the sight of a relatively slow-moving fire truck on track.

"I was probably the only person relieved to see it because at least they had some fire extinguishers on board that were going to put the fire out, which seemed to be on fire for an incredibly long amount of time," he added. "I'm not sure what happened there, I think Charlie [Whiting, FIA race director] is all over it."

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