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Vettel ready to adapt in 2014

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Sebastian Vettel says he is ready to adapt to the new 2014 regulations in order to chase his fifth consecutive drivers' championship.

Red Bull has been dominant over the last four years, with the regulations introduced in 2009 seeing the team become one of the major forces in Formula One. Substantial regulation changes in 2014 could change the established order, but Vettel is fully prepared to adopt a new driving style if required.

"We all know by now that there will be massive changes and the biggest change for me is the engine," Vettel told the official Formula One website. "Everything else will be usual stuff, but in regards to the engine it will be an incredibly big challenge for the drivers.

"Imagine having only 100 kilos of fuel available for a race! That might require looking for completely different techniques that allow you to go as quick as normal but also save fuel. You have to adapt to this new situation - and find the best way to go as fast as possible to the chequered flag!"

Vettel also said that he doesn't feel any added pressure when going in to a season as the favourite for the title.

"Of course my ultimate goal was always to win the F1 title, to prove that I can do it - with all the names in the back of your head from the history books of the champions. To win two or three or four times - or even more - is way beyond your imagination, so when it happens you just go with the flow.

"I can say that I am the one who puts the most pressure on me. I expect myself to perform. I don't expect to win or to be one of the best. You have to work very hard to win races - this does not come out of the blue. You have a certain amount of talent. You can't influence the amount of talent that you have, but there are a lot of other things that I can influence and I am focusing on those. Winning the title in 2010 was a huge relief in that respect, as it was a tough season and at the end you've achieved something that nobody can take away from you."

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