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No quick fix for Red Bull problems - Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel is under no illusions about the scale of Red Bull's problems so far this year and has warned that there will not be a quick fix.

After a nightmare test in Jerez, in which the team only managed 21 laps over four days, Vettel added just 14 laps of Bahrain to the car's mileage on the opening day of the second test. The team has been working tirelessly on a solution to its issues in the two and a half weeks between the tests, but after Vettel's day ended with smoke coming from the rear of the car he admitted the team's problems are far from over.

"It's not easy to find a quick fix, but I think we understand the problems," Vettel said. "It's not that easy to find the solution for the problems we've found. I think we have fixed the problems from Jerez, where we had a problem with temperature which we seemed to fix with the couple of laps we could do today. But very often you seem to fix one problem and then another problem pops up.

"I think there is stuff to do on Red Bull Racing's side in terms of reliability - temperatures in general around the car - and there is stuff on Renault's side. But it's not fair to separate those two, we are a team and we have been very successful over the last years together. It's not the start we were hoping for, but we've still got some time and clever people on board that can hopefully fix the problems."

After clocking a lap over three seconds off the pace on Wednesday, Vettel said he had not yet had a chance to push the RB10 or gauge its performance.

"Obviously we're not happy with where we are right now, but there is a long way ahead of us. It's fairly difficult to judge where we are, I haven't had much of the car yet. The first lap feel is okay, but surely we need more running to judge the car, judge reliability and general performance. I don't know how the other cars are doing, it sounds like they are running more. I don't know if they are having less trouble than us, but there are a lot of things to do."

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