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Ricciardo not daunted by Red Bull task

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Ricciardo and Vettel on the RB10

Daniel Ricciardo is not fazed by the prospect of not winning a race in 2014, but knows he has a lot to learn if he wants to consistently challenge team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

'People don't know what I'm capable of'

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Ricciardo never finished higher than seventh at Toro Rosso and, as he starts life alongside reigning world champion Vettel, he is under no illusions how big a task he has to fill the boots of Mark Webber as a competitive team-mate. But Ricciardo is confident he has the ability to make the step up and insists he is not buying into the idea he will not win a race in 2014.

"I don't expect winning to come easy if it does come, but it's still our target and our goal to work towards that and that's the challenge we have in front of us," Ricciardo said. "If it was easy we'd all be doing it, but, honestly, I haven't got close to a win yet. Seventh is the best I've managed so far, so I've got a bit of learning to do. I follow athletes in all different sorts of disciplines, and even if someone's won a world title of some sort there are always people who say you should have won this and that.

"That's natural and it's people's opinions. Obviously they are entitled to what they think and I don't expect everyone to love me and I don't smile to try to win everyone over - that's just me. It doesn't really bother me if someone says I will win or I won't. It's nicer to hear positive things, but at the end of the day it's me more than anyone else who wants to win for me.

Though Red Bull's struggles over the winter may have taken some of the pressure away from his debut, Ricciardo insists he is still fully aware of the task ahead of him.

"In a way I guess it lowers a little bit of tension and expectation, but at the same time it doesn't really change my approach. I'm not going to be going on the grid on Sunday thinking 'yeah, whatever', I'll still maintain that intensity that I would have had. I've still got a job to do and I've still got Seb alongside me, which is going to be a challenge no matter what position we are fighting for. I've still got a bit on my plate and hopefully that'll keep me on top of my game."

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