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Red Bull working on F-duct for Spain

ESPNF1 Staff
April 19, 2010 « Ecclestone - Spanish Grand Prix goes ahead | »
Red Bull wants its own McLaren-style F-duct in Spain © Sutton Images

Red Bull could be the next team with an F-duct system running on its 2010 car.

After McLaren pioneered the initially controversial innovation, Sauber, Ferrari, Williams and Mercedes have subsequently been tinkering with their own systems at recent races, with varying success. It was rumoured in Shanghai that Red Bull, Renault and Force India are now close to having F-duct systems ready to add to their respective cars.

Red Bull's Christian Horner said the RB6 could be equipped with a downforce-spoiling system in Barcelona, "providing we make it back to Europe" amid the volcanic-ash air travel disruptions. Meanwhile, it also emerges that the system running on Mercedes' W01 car in China might be referred to as an 'F-duct light', given that a more extreme version could debut in Spain.

The Shanghai version did not channel air through the engine cover, but rather from underneath the car, with the flow then flicked aerodynamically into a slot in the rear wing. A system with a cockpit inlet adjustable by the driver was not seen in China but it could be ready for Turkey late next month, said team boss Ross Brawn. He told Auto Motor und Sport that the China version brought about a tenth per lap, and that the full-blown system will be worth several tenths.

Fernando Alonso also suggested that Ferrari's "full version" will only be ready for a grand prix "later".