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Horner slams 'ridiculous' Berger

ESPNF1 Staff
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Christian Horner has leapt to the defence of his driver © Sutton Images

Red Bull boss Christian Horner slammed suggestions from Gerhard Berger that Mark Webber deliberately tried to take out his title rivals in the Korean Grand Prix as 'ridiculous'.

Berger told Austrian Servus TV on Monday that Webber "took out Rosberg, but it was the wrong one. I think in his mind he would have preferred Alonso or Hamilton."

Both Berger and Nico Rosberg, who Webber collected, said that Webber could easily have hit the brakes and stopped the car by the wall. But Horner slammed such suggestions as 'absurd' and 'riduculous'.

"Just to be absolutely clear - Mark's intention was not to take out another driver after his crash and it's ridiculous to suggest otherwise," Horner told the Telegraph. "It's absurd to suggest that Mark would ever deliberately take out another driver.

"As with every incident in Formula One, opinions will always be made without all the facts."