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'We don't manipulate things like Ferrari do' - Mateschitz

ESPNF1 Staff
November 9, 2010 « Ghosn insists Renault committed to Formula One | »

Red Bull co-owner Dietrich Mateschitz would rather lose the drivers' title to Fernando Alonso and Ferrari than force team orders on his drivers.

If Sebastian Vettel finishes ahead of Mark Webber at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next weekend, Alonso will only have to finish fourth to seal the title. However, team principal Christian Horner has already made clear that Vettel and Webber will be free to race and make their own decisions as to whether they help each other out in Abu Dhabi.

"Let the two drivers race and whatever will be will be," Mateschitz told Austrian paper Kliene Zeitung. "If Alonso wins we will have been unlucky.

"I predict a Hollywood ending, with the worst case scenario that we don't become champion but if that's the case, we'll do it next year. Our philosophy stays the same because this is a sport and it must remain a sport."

At the German Grand Prix, Felipe Massa made way for Ferrari team-mate Alonso, giving him seven crucial extra points in the championship. But Mateschitz has made clear that his team will not do the same.

"We don't manipulate things like Ferrari do," he added. "The whole world condemned them after what they did in Hockenheim. But we have turned out to look like idiots because we have not acted in this way."

"We have never even thought about it as long as both our drivers remain in the hunt for the championship. So a second place under correct circumstances might be better than a win on grounds of orders and confirmations."