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Red Bull may have broken costs agreement claims Mosley

ESPNF1 Staff
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Max Mosley: 'The effect of the RRA agreement is minimal which is the reason the teams agreed to it' © Sutton Images

Red Bull might have broken the Formula One teams' cost saving agreement, according to former FIA president Max Mosley.

During an interview with Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, Mosley said the Resource Restriction Agreement (RRA) has proved an ineffective substitute for his budget cap proposal that was the subject of a bitter dispute in 2009.

"The effect of the RRA agreement is minimal," he said, "which is the reason the teams agreed to it. At the last FOTA meeting last Thursday Red Bull asked for an exception. If that's true, that can only mean they spent more than they were allowed, and now they're asking for the [other] teams' okay.

"I am interested to know how their opponents are going to react."

Mosley describes the RRA as a sham. "I'll give an example - the teams are limited to a certain number of employees, let's say 100. If I walk through the paddock with a lot of money, then I get the best 100 people. So you still have no chance against the rich teams. The only thing that will work is a budget limit. A bigger budget is like having a bigger engine."

Mosley also said it is too early to judge his successor as FIA president, Jean Todt. "This season was very good, but it is a time of transition. I think we'll only be able to assess Jean Todt in another year."