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2011 car has been less dominant than 2010 - Vettel

ESPNF1 Staff
October 10, 2011 « Vettel can beat Schumacher's record - Lauda | Schumacher hungry for more »
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Despite winning the world championship with four races remaining, Sebastian Vettel believes Red Bull's 2011 car has on occasion been less dominant that the 2010 version.

Vettel clinched last year's title at a dramatic showdown at the final race, whereas this season's championship has felt like a foregone conclusion for some time. Vettel has taken 12 pole positions from 15 qualifying sessions (his team-mate Mark Webber has taken the other three) and nine victories from 15 races, but insists this year's title has not been easy.

"I think that it's very likely for people to draw the wrong conclusion, to say that we had a very easy run this year," he said. "Things like this, they happen for a reason; I strongly believe that, not because things were easy for us. We had a very, very good car, no doubt, but we had an even stronger team, and as I said, a couple of times already, I think the car this year was less dominant than the car last year.

"Last year we had so many races where sometimes you may say we were unlucky but we made stupid mistakes as well. We did things which cost us a lot of time and cost us a lot of points in the end. A championship is not one race, it's a lot of races pulled together and I think that's where the difference came from this year. Obviously, after a very good start to the season, if you are on a good run, and you have this certain momentum and you're able to keep that momentum, by not allowing yourself to start to fly or think too far ahead, really just stay present and just stay at that moment and focus race by race, and not thinking anything else. If you are able to keep that momentum that way, I think it makes you very strong and if you are on that sort of wave, then things might come a bit easier to you but it doesn't mean that they are easy."

Vettel warned his rivals that the lessons Red Bull has learned from 2011 will continue to make the team even stronger for the remainder of the year.

"All in all, I think there was a lot to learn again this year, and hopefully that made us stronger for the remainder of the season, in which I think the approach will be very similar. Obviously a lot of the pressure has fallen away but nonetheless, there is a lot of pressure on us, because naturally we want to win, we want to beat those guys. We didn't do so today so obviously we are over the moon to wrap up the championship today but we didn't win today, so we've got another chance in the next races and we want to use those chances. It's about using the opportunities you have, rather than seeing what could go wrong."