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Newey says he's committed to Red Bull

Laurence Edmondson at Jerez
February 7, 2012 « Alguersuari hits out at Red Bull | Allison pleased with Lotus platform »
Adrian Newey: "To now leave for another team would feel a little like walking out on your children" © Sutton Images
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Adrian Newey has likened the idea of leaving Red Bull to a parent walking away from its child.

Newey joined Red Bull in 2006 and has been central in promoting the team from a midfield outfit to double world champions. Due to his success he is often linked to other teams, but on the first day of testing for the new Red Bull RB8 he all but ruled out switching teams.

"To be perfectly honest I can't see myself going anywhere else and I've been involved in the team from very early on and feel very centrally involved in it," he said. "I'm proud really that we managed to get where we were from the ashes of Jaguar to where we are today. That in itself brings a huge amount of satisfaction and a slightly paternal feeling of wanting that to carry on. To now leave for another team would feel a little like walking out on your children."

The 2012 Red Bull took to the track for the first time on Tuesday morning, but was delayed due to parts being flown over from the UK.

"It was a really silly little problem actually," he said. "The rear wing assembly, we designed it to give a quick check over between the launch photography on Sunday and today. So that was late coming down and the fog at Jerez stopped the aircraft landing and sent it to Seville. So we were stuck waiting for it to get from Seville to here."

Excluding the McLaren, all of the 2012 cars launched so far have featured a step in the front of the car to meet new safety regulations regarding the height of the nose. The results have been considered ugly by most fans and Newey admitted that he was not keen on it either.

"It's a shame to have to come up with a solution that's not particularly attractive, but ultimately your performance has to come before aesthetics and this is no exception," he said. "With regard to the McLaren, that is simply because they have had to pursue a lower chassis and nose direction compared to ourselves and many others, so to continue that direction they didn't have to put a step in it whereas those that have been high-nosed have."

The Red Bull has drawn even more attention as its step features a hole that is not present on any of the other cars. But Newey denied the opening was there for aerodynamic purposes.

"The slot at the base of the ramp into the front bulkhead is simply driver cooling," he added. "Traditionally the driver cooling slot is always at the front of the nose and really for styling as much as anything we moved it to where you now see it to break up the ramp that's required by a regulation."