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Webber expects return to form at Singapore

ESPN Staff
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Mark Webber has scored just 16 points over the last four races © Sutton Images
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Mark Webber is confident Red Bull will return to form at the Singapore Grand Prix next weekend after a run of disappointing races.

Both Red Bulls retired from the Italian Grand Prix, but the cars were also off the pace and have struggled in qualifying at the last two races. However, Webber is confident that the return to a full-downforce circuit in Singapore will yield better results.

"We've had some good results in Singapore," he said. "It's a very, very challenging circuit and one that the car should work well on. We've been solid on street circuits this year, so that gives us some confidence that the car will be towards the sharp end again."

Webber is also looking forward to some extra support at the street circuit.

"I like going to Singapore, it's clean and it's safe. Everyone embraces the event, but I also love the fact that we have a lot of Australians attending, especially from the West Coast as it's an easy flight from there. That's quite unique."