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Renault will debut F-duct 'soon'

ESPNF1 Staff
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Renault is keen to introduce an F-duct soon © Sutton Images

Renault's F-duct will debut on the car "soon", according to team boss Eric Boullier.

Earlier this year, Renault said it would not waste resources on the rear wing-stalling device that was pioneered by McLaren in pre-season testing. But after several of its key rivals including Mercedes, Sauber, Williams and Force India have developed their own versions, Boullier revealed in April that the team was "actively working" on an F-duct design.

The technology should give drivers a big advantage on the long straights at the next Grand Prix in Canada, but Boullier would not confirm an exact date for the debut of Renault's design.

"I can tell you that the F-duct will be tested soon," Boullier confirmed. "We are going to use it soon but we want to make sure it works 100% before we put it into a race."

Only Toro Rosso and the three new teams are not working on F-ducts.