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'I'm very lucky' - Kubica

ESPNF1 Staff
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Robert Kubica faces a long period of rehabilitation © Getty Images

Robert Kubica insists he is "very lucky" his injuries were not worse after his horror crash in an Italian rally earlier this month.

Kubica has undergone three bouts of surgery to stabilise his right arm and foot and still faces a long period of rehabilitation before he returns to full fitness. But he is determined to overcome his problems and is thankful his situation is not worse.

"I know I'm not in good shape, but I consider myself very lucky," Kubica was quoted in La Stampa. "I am facing a long and difficult rehabilitation, but I am not worried about that."

His doctors have warned him his recovery will be lengthily.

"There are milestones to be met, and his journey will be long," admitted Santa Corona Hospital's spinal unit chief Antonino Massone. "For a month, there is the risk of infection. When a bone is exposed for 45 minutes, as it was in this case, it is attacked by bacteria and we need to treat it with antibiotics."

But he hailed the Pole as "extraordinary", and Kubica's manager Daniele Morelli said he is a good patient "because he is a driver".

"The doctors and physiotherapists, for him, are like the engineers at Renault; adjusting, modifying and correcting the machine for the best result."