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Sutil didn't eat for two days to lose weight

ESPN Staff
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Adrian Sutil has revealed he went two days without eating earlier this season in an extreme attempt to lower his weight.

The heavier power units this year have resulted in teams and drivers struggling to hit the minimum weight in the regulations even though it has been upped. Taller drivers have had to shed weight in attempt to remain competitive and Sutil has raced without a drinks bottle in order to bring his combined weight with the car down.

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, he revealed that he had also gone to extreme measures with his diet in an attempt to gain an on-track advantage.

"Of course we go to the limit and I also went to my limits. I tried to not eat for two days and see what the reaction is. I just try really hard to lose the weight, but if you are already light for your height you have to lose muscles and if you lose muscles you lose the strength of your body. There is a point that you shouldn't go over. I still believe we are in an area that safe, but we shouldn't go over it."

He said he was testing his limitations and took on the two-day fast to see how far he could push himself.

"I was testing a little bit here and there. Two days with no food and only drink, I tried. It was not easy, but interesting what the reaction is. I'm still eating now, it's better. My training programme has changed, because first of all you need to lose the muscle so I can run, but cycling you just build up muscle and heavy muscle, so you need to avoid it those kinds of things.

"But at the time I didn't eat I couldn't do much sport because the power was missing. I did it because I wanted to see and go on the limit to make sure I did my maximum. I don't want to be in the car and say I could have done more. I like to be on the limit and if it's not enough I go really hard on the edge. I tried it, but I'm still alive, don't worry too much. And it was my own decision and that's an important thing. It helps now to have a lighter car so we are close to our weight limit, but it's just my target and I want to improve myself whatever it takes. I'm willing to do it."

Along with the lighter chassis, Sutil said Sauber had other improvements to help it move up the field.

"It's a very good step I think in every area. The weight, the aerodynamic and also the powertrain has improved. So the time we had during the races has been used quite well. It's all theoretical numbers but I believe in it and especially tomorrow will be an important day to test it all to make sure it works fine and I expect a good performance improvement throughout the weekend, whether it's qualifying or the race, we should make a good step."